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Czech Republic

Beyond visiting Prague, Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic is steeped in rich cultural history offers a wide array of activities and nature alike.

Gorgeous nature and landscapes, it’s a country well-loved by travel connaisseurs and tourists alike and is still one of the most affordable European countries to visit.

Czech Republic will surely continue to be a treasured destination for future to come.


With medieval castles and old forests, stunning mountains and beaches in the north, colorful cities and booming culture and culinary scenes – Poland has become a dream destination like few other!

Forget the idea that Poland is cold and industrial. If you’re planning an inspirational trip to Eastern & Central Europe, Poland should be at the top of your list.


Slovakia is a land of castles and mountains. Right in the heart of Europe and more than twenty five years after the break-up of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia has emerged independent and confident. The capital of Bratislava, right next to Vienna attracts visitors to its impressive old town and affordable culinary and bar scene.

Slovakia however shines brightest for lovers of the outdoors. From the winding hiking trails of the High Tatras to shimmering glacier lakes, Slovakia is a true pearl of the East.


A somewhat unknown country set right between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, Slovenia has more to offer than most people would expect.

From the glittering Adriatic Sea to the Julian Alps, Slovenia is an obvious outdoor-nation, the kind of place where you swim in the sea in the morning, to hike in the Alps after lunch. How about a stroll through a historic city in the evening?

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